DeLonghi RotoFry Electric Deep Fryer - White

R 2,499.99 R 2,999.00

For perfect, delicious, crispy frying, purchase this Delonghi Rotofry. This product uses up to 50% less oil than you would use in a normal fry, food is just dipped in and out of the oil to give it that crisp we all know and love. Also, no tipping or lifting is necessary when it comes to draining oil, this item has been specifically designed to make drainage easy! Not to mention, your little ones fingers are safe around this appliance, it's cool touch walls ensure nobody gets burnt. 

Brand: DeLonghi

Colour: White

Oil Capacity: 1.2LT

Power: 1800W

Adjustment Thermostat

Replaceable anti - odour filter 

Easy clean system

Non stick & Cool touch walls

Item Code: F28311.W1 EX:1


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