Milano 28 Piece Pot Set - Silver

R 3,499.99

The 28 piece 12-Element High-Quality, Heavy-Gauge Stainless Steel Cookware Set does it all. 12-element surgical stainless steel is extra sturdy for durability and performance Efficient and useful accessories work to expand the set. Use stainless steel bowls as double boilers or dome covers. Step-steamer fits saucepan and 4 casseroles. Temperature control knob on each lid aids healthier eating. Knob alerts you to when the ideal cooking temperature has been reached. Then the food can be monitored and not overcooked, thus retaining vitamins and minerals. 

Brand: Milano

Color: Silver

Set Includes: 1.5L Saucepan 16x8.5cm with lid
                     1.5L Casserole 16x8.5cm with lid
                     3.0L Casserole 20x11.5cm with lid
                     6.0L Casserole 24x14.5cm with lid
                     Frying Pan 24x6.5cm with lid
                     Steamer 20x7.5cm without lid
                     20cm Mixing bowls with plastic cover
                     24cm Mixing bowls with plastic cover
                     20x9cm Frying basket with lifer

12-element surgical stainless steel

Temperature control knob on each lid

Material: Stainless Steel 

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