Kenwood Chef XL Titanium Stand Mixer Mega Pack - Silver

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Create all sorts of diverse dishes to the highest quality with this Kenwood stand mixer mega pack. This product includes high quality, stainless steel bowl tools giving you the ability to mix, knead, beat, and fold on command. It's unique fold function mixing ingredients carefully without losing air and a variety of speed setting ensures you have ultimate control. 

Brand: Kenwood

Colour: Silver

Power: 1700W

Capacity: 6.7LT

Set Inlcludes: Flexi beater
                      Dough hook
                      Folding tool
                      Thermo-resist glass blender attachment
                      Food processor
                      Multi food grinder
                      Electronic scale
                      High speed outlet
                      Slow speed attachment outlet

Item Code: KVL8482

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