Joie Msc

Joie Fresh Flip Avocado Pod - Green

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Joie's flip avocado Pod for storing Leftover avocados in the fridge to stay fresh, firm, and odor free for Longer periods of time for less waste
Reusable, stackable storage preserves freshness, slows down oxidation, prevents delicate avocado fruit from being squashed, and organizes the fridge
Unique flip design stores cut avocados and serve dips; simply place avocado cut-side down or flip to fill with dip; place cover to preserve freshness
Eliminates use of plastic wrap, storage bags, and foil; dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
Made from BPA-free

Brand: Joie Msc
Colour: Green
Dimensions: 11 x 9cm
Item Code: MS015635/0710

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