About Us

From Kitchen to Culinary Experience – South Africa’s Online Kitchen and Home.
The Culinarium prioritises first class service. The Culinarium is about more than just kitchen and homeware, appliances and accessories. The Culinarium aims to craft a culture around the kitchen, allowing anyone who enters to see it as a place of wonder and endless possibility. That's what we, at The Culinarium, provide – endless possibility.
Kitchen products; from accessories to appliances, we make tasks and processes that much easier. But, we’re not just about ease, great cooking comes from repetition and experimentation. It comes from your individual talents and feelings and your connection with the ingredients. The Culinarium helps to strengthen that connection, amplifying what you put in, by delivering the highest quality in kitchen tools and accessories.
The Culinarium inspires creative and real cooking. The Culinarium’s wide range of kitchen and homeware brings joie de vivre to your surroundings as we source the finest from the world’s leading brands.